Junior High (Grades 7-10)

Choose an activity based on the indicated DepEd competency.

Grade 7 (3rd quarter) 

Derives relationships of geometric figures: supplementary angles, complementary angles, congruent angles, vertical angles, adjacent angles, linear pairs.

Derives relationships among angles formed by parallel lines cut by a transversal using measurement.

Uses a compass and straightedge to bisect line segments and angles and construct perpendiculars and parallels.

Grade 8 (1st quarter)

Illustrates the slope of a line.

Finds the equation of a line given two points

Grade 8 (3rd quarter)

Applies triangle congruence to construct perpendicular lines and angle bisectors.

Proves two triangles are congruent.

Grade 9 (3rd quarter)

Identifies quadrilaterals that are parallelograms.

Use properties to find measures of angles, sides, and other quantities involving parallelograms.

Applies theorems to show that given triangles are similar.