The Yakan people are among the major indigenous muslim tribes in Mindanao. Having a significant number of followers of Islam, it is considered as one of the 13 Moro groups in the Philippines. The Yakans mainly reside in Basilan but are also in Zamboanga City. They speak a language known as Bahasa Yakan, which has characteristics of both Sama-Bajau Sinamaand Tausug. It is written in the Malayan Arabic script, with adaptations to sounds not present in Arabic.

The Yakans are the traditional settlers of Basilan Island in the Sulu Archipelago, situated to the west of Zamboanga in Mindanao. Traditionally they wear colorful, handwoven clothes. The women wear tight-fitting short blouses and both sexes wear narrow-cut pants resembling breeches. The women covers it partly with a wrap-around material while the man wraps a sash-like cloth around the waist where he places his weapon – usually a long knife. Nowadays most Yakans wear western clothes and use their traditional clothes only for cultural festivals. (Yakan | Wikipedia)

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