Saputangan 1
Photo Courtesy of  the Yuchengco Museum; piece from the Floy Quintos Collection

A Yakan Saputangan shows a center square, 4 squares at the corners with identical motifs and strip patterns at the sides.

Saputangan 2Saputangan 3
Saputangan 4

Every finite symmetrical pattern at the center and corner squares adopts the inherent symmetries of a square:

  • 90o , 1800, 270o rotations about the center of the design,
  • reflections with axes passing through this center

The symmetry group is D4.

The strip patterns have vertical and horizontal reflections as well as 180o rotations about the points of intersection of the reflection axes. The symmetry group is mm.

Other images of the Yakan Saputangan are shown below having the design layout and symmetry characteristics as the piece described above.


From the Philippine Textile Council
From the Floy Quintos Collection