The Kalingas are the indigenous peoples of Kalinga, Philippines. They are generally known to be tall, dark-complexioned, and lissome with high bridsed noses. Physically they are very sturdy and well-built so that their war-like characteristics make them more like soldiers. They are believed to be descendants of the second group of Malays who came to the islands, as presented in Philippine history books.

The name Kalinga is believed to have come from Ibanas Kalinga and Gaddang Kalinga which both mean “headhunters.” The Kalingas must have acquired their name because of their tradition of headhuntins during tribal wars.

The Kalingas settle on levelled or terraced areas on the slopes of steep mountains near rivers and streams with free, clear running water through the Chico, Pasil, Tanudan rivers with wide plateaus and floodplains and a large portion of open grass lands.

Many villages or in Kalinga are located in strategic areas where the villagers can be forewarned of intruders, or where the surrounding terrain is rugged and form a natural defense because of “tribal wars”. Tribal wars occur when a bodong peace pact system was broken or violated. (Kalinga | Wikipilipinas)

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